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Good Graces Pharmacy works hard to ensure every possible healthcare need is met for the family and friends who enter our doors. See how Good Graces Pharmacy can help you with the services we offer.

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About Us

Expert clinical judgement is a new concept for some pharmacies across the United States, but at Good Graces, our pharmacists have been involved in healthcare team decisions for the betterment of patient care. This means we work not only as your medication delivery mechanism, but we critically evaluate scenarios with your prescribers to find the best clinical outcome for you, provided the opportunity.

We have direct knowledge of specific medications, devices, and diagnostic testing designed to help with many medical conditions, such as: a diabetes medication that also helps protect heart function, an antidepressant that also provides pain relief for certain medical conditions, providing preventative care options such as immunizations and supplemental therapies, or even providing pharmacogenomic testing to identify your body's ability to process and transport medications. Using this knowledge, we often find alternative therapies for your treatment that can save you money by not only using less medication but also to find cheapest alternative for your body's specific treatment(s) and balancing the effectiveness for your health condition.

As a professor often admitted in pharmacy school, there is a reason it is called the "practice of medicine." There was never a more complete statement, as there are so many variables into each of us as individuals, and the way our bodies react to medications, particularly when multiple medications are prescribed at once. A new and upcoming trend, known as pharmacogenomics, is a way to help with this complication in the practice of medicine. Using a simple cheek swab, patients can learn a vast array of information about his or her specific body and the ability their genes have to create necessary enzymes to process and transport medications throughout the body. Our pharmacists have vendor partners who are able to process and provide up-to-date information with respect to prescribed medications for each patient, as well as having access to this list for future prescribed medications and how new medications can be effected by genetics.

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At Good Graces Pharmacy, we offer a full lineup of medications to our rural communities. Besides the typical blood pressure, diabetes, mental health, pain medications, and so much more, we also have access to a large lineup of specialty medications, over-the-counter supplements, medical devices, and unique health and beauty products that are certain to cover many of your specific needs. Don't see something you are looking for - just ask us and we would be glad to research for you and work to find the best outcome for you!

With numerous opportunities to learn more about your medication, health condition, and just your body in general, Good Graces Pharmacy is a one-stop shop for so many of your healthcare needs. Our health and wellness programs are continually growing and morphing into the new concepts and information necessary to ensure the best care for you - our friends and family. If there is something we don't have in the store for you, just ask, as we can likely find it for you (either in-house or somehow getting access to the product for you).

Experienced, hometown healthcare providers with large-city options to ensure best opportunities and access to healthcare options, Good Graces Pharmacy employees strive to be the best opportunity for our patients. With state and national contacts for programs and opportunities, we have a wide range to choose from for opportunities for our patients.

Continue to check in frequently, as we don't want to let the dust settle in our boots, so we keep moving forward and change with the times to have every opportunity and shred of information our communities can benefit from, all delivered by a familiar staff that is eager to assist you today!

Meet Our Staff

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Brandon Gregory, PharmD, Pharmacist & Owner

Brandon began his pharmacy career under Steve Norman with Ferguson Drug Store of Willow Springs, MO in 2002. Upon graduating high school, Brandon had decided to attend pharmacy school, and worked to get his general education courses at Missouri State University in West Plains and Springfield, MO, before attending Saint Louis College of Pharmacy in 2008. By graduation in 2012, Brandon had worked at various retail pharmacies, specialty pharmacies, and even hospital pharmacies that provided an education centering on patient-specific needs and evaluating chronic medical conditions to best serve on healthcare teams. Upon graduation, Brandon returned to his hometown of Willow Springs to assist opening and managing Lakeland Pharmacy from 2013 to 2020, at which point he began opening his own store, Good Graces Pharmacy. Brandon and his wife Bobbi are excited to begin their newest adventure of independent pharmacy and return the concept back to the glory of small, hometown independent pharmacy!

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Bobbi Gregory, CPhT, Certified Technician & Owner

Bobbi began her pharmacy career professionally after obtaining her degree for teaching high school mathematics and upon moving to Saint Louis with Brandon during pharmacy school and no open positions being available. She found a job at a pharmacy chain in Saint Louis and found she enjoyed working with people in pharmacy and has been there for people in pharmacy ever since. She worked for 2 years under Steve Norman at Ferguson Drug before working to help open Lakeland Pharmacy in 2013. She has joined Brandon in late 2020 to open Good Graces Pharmacy to make their stand for independent pharmacy in Willow Springs.

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Marie Bowen, Pharmacy Technician

Marie is a senior at Ozarks Christian Academy of West Plains, MO, and has attended the school since her 6th grade year. She is planning to attend Missouri Science & Technology in Rolla, MO starting Fall 2021 and is gaining experience in the medical field to help her understand opportunities she may have to help guide her college experience. Her current aspirations include biomedical engineering and moving forward with opportunities to help people in new and yet unknown ways.

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Cathy Hull, Pharmacy Technician

Cathy attended Mountain View High School and began working at Hillbilly Junction Restaurant in Willow Springs with Thumb and Lucy Horak. From there, Cathy enlisted in the Air Force for 4 years before coming back to Willow Springs and beginning her pharmacy career under Steve Norman at Ferguson Drug Store as a pharmacy technician. In 1991, Cathy married Jon Hull and they enjoyed antiquing and country lifestyle while still working at Ferguson Drug. In 2013, Cathy was a crucial member of the crew opening Lakeland Pharmacy in Willow Springs alongside Brandon and Bobbi and remained there until joining Good Graces Pharmacy in March 2021. Cathy looks forward to getting independent pharmacy back to the way things were at Ferguson Drug Store under Steve Norman, being a staple in the community for healthcare needs! (Pictured at left with friend Ernestean Webb)

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Reva McLain, Pharmacy Techician

Reva grew up in the Willow Springs and Cabool area as the daughter of Raymond and Alta Bowen. She married Orval McLain and raised her son, Michael, and daughter, Rhonda, to enjoy life to its fullest. Before working in pharmacy, Reva worked for the Cabool School District. She helped young children as a nurse assistant for 7 years before transferring to the Superintendent's Office to become secretary to the Superintendent as well as Treasurer of the Cabool School Board for 32 years. Reva began her pharmacy career professionally after retiring from her employment at the Cabool School District. She began as a pharmacy technician at Cabool Pharmacy under the direction of pharmacist and owner, John Morgan. After 12 wonderful years at Cabool Pharmacy, she moved to Lakeland Pharmacy to work with Brandon Gregory. After 5 years working with her family at Lakeland Pharmacy, she left her employement to follow her family to the new independent community pharmacy of Willow Springs - Good Graces Pharmacy. Reva loves working with her sister, Sharlet, and her nieces, Bobbi and Marie.

Sharlet Bowen

Pharmacy Technician